Simon, the owner of What Cobblers, an established shoe repair shop, rebranded his family run business to embrace its vintage heritage. Simon required a newly designed sign for his shop front, and a logomark for both print and digital use. The design needed to be recognisable, encapsulating the renowned style of a shoe repair shop, but with a contemporary edge. 
The traditional green was chosen to reflect the premium, age-old service of shoe repair, encapsulating that vintage, antique style Simon requested. This contrasted against a clean and modern font, providing that contemporary element. The iconography of the crossed key and hammer showcases the store’s services, whilst illustrating the location of the shop, outside of the Cross Keys shopping centre.
Simon was keen to have an opening sign as he felt it fit more with the aesthetic of his shop. I designed him a custom one using various elements I had previously created, along with a new shoe element to tie the design together.

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