Solent Vehicle Sales are a premium, second-hand car sales business based across Southampton, Fareham, and Portsmouth. Simon, the owner, expressed the need for a newly designed logo to promote his expanding business. Simon wanted the design needed to be sleek and minimalistic to attract clientele in the market premium priced cars. He also wished for the Logo to be recognisable in the local area. 
Red, black, and white were chosen as the dominant colours to reflect the premium feel. The red I chose is synonymous with businesses in the Solent area, including the City Council, instantly making it recognisable with a layer of integrity. To give it that sleek aesthetic the design utilises negative space created by just two lines, and the text leans with the vehicle to give a very subtle but smooth motion, mirroring the smooth drive of the high-end vehicles they sell.
Simon also asked for a library of images to be used for digital marketing campaigns. By desaturating this image and highlighting the red in the brakes, the SVS brand is showcased, emphasising the sleek and professional elements of the business.  
There was also a requirement to develop branded collateral , so as a second project together, I created newly branded invoices and letterheaded templates for both online and print use. 
The documentation design is sleek like the logo, following it’s shape to create custom headers and footers. It was essential these customisable features did not break the integrity of the document, which is why the page elements featured squared tops and bottoms, as the grid like structure of the page remains unhindered by the design. ​​​​​​​

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