Samantha Kite, the owner of SK Crafts, a newly established artisan crafts business wanted help with her logo, branding, and packaging for the launch of her two new products, being sold both online and at craft fairs. I created a custom pattern for the boxes which features the two main ingredients of the candles, and aligned the colour pallet with these ingredients, which have also been designed as bespoke artwork to feature on the box. I matched the hue of the boxes with the candles to create a consistency which showcases the beauty of both the product and the packaging. 
The logo and text have been designed to be minimalist, to showcase the features of the product and the packaging. I incorporated a smell window for people who are purchasing in person, and ensured key product information was highlighted easily for those purchasing online.
 The products have also been designed to be purchased together, with each box complementing the other. This design style allows SK Crafts to continue to launch products with consistent and beautiful branding which look great individually or as part of a set.

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