The Salisbury Symphony Orchestra has performed for over 100 years and hold two major concerts each year. David, the conductor, wanted an update to the existing branding, including a new logo, a poster design for their largest upcoming concert, a program design for the concert, and printable tickets. It was essential the new logo remained familiar to patrons (the previous logo to the left), yet showed a modern refresh to attract new clientele. A large majority of the audience are musicians themselves, therefore it was essential the assets were designed with them in mind.
The new logo remains classic and traditional, reminiscent of its predecessor, yet with a modern twist. The S has been designed to look like a treble clef musical symbol, as well as incorporating the S,S and O of Salisbury Symphony Orchestra.
For the concert poster, the main musical piece to be performed was inspiration for entire design, Vltana by Smetana. The Smetana river image was used as the background to the high quality vectors of violins, creating an instant connection to classical music. 
I used musical symbols to house the information & to fill the negative space. The musical symbol for ‘rest’ has been used between the text.
I used elements from the poster to create the tickets and the concert program to ensure visual continuity. The musical symbol for turn has been added at the base of each page of the program, again ensuring that musicians were placed at the heart of these designs. 

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